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Bolton Congregational
    Church UCC
228 Bolton Center Road
Bolton, CT  06043

Church Store - Prayer Box Bracelets
Bolton Congregational Church
228 Bolton Center Road, Bolton, CT 06043

We have introduced the Prayer Box Bracelet to our Church Store. These unique bracelets are made with tumbled chips of natural gemstones. Each type of stone represents specific qualities with regard to health, spirituality, emotions and the practical in life. Each bracelet has a small prayer box attached into which you can place a small scroll with your own message or reference to a specific passage in the Bible. 

You may purchase these bracelets for yourself as well as for someone special in your life -- they make wonderful gifts for countless occasions. The price is $18. The bracelets are on display and available for purchase at the store itself, or they may be purchased by contacting Lynn at 860.643.6788 or via email: BCC.chrchstr@gmail.com.

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AMETHYST: "Stone of protection and spirituality"
Thought to be a stone of protection, healing, and transformation. Believed to have a calming mental effect to combat stress.

AMETHYST: "Stone of protection and spirituality"
"Stone of universal love"

Adding Rose Quartz to Amethyst is believed to offer strength, balance, inner peace, contentment, compassion, and unconditional love. As Amethyst is to the spirit, Rose Quartz is to the heart.

AQUAMARINE: "Stone of courage and fortitude"
New bracelet, 7 1/4". Birthstone: March/Scorpio. Mineral Family: Beryl. Accentuates: confidence, purpose, peace, serenity, communication, creativity, persistence in achieving goals and success.


AVENTURINE: "Stone of opportunity"
Considered an all-purpose healing stone. Thought to relieve stress and anxiety, and to balances emotions and enhance creativity and imagination.

CARNELIAN: "Stone of action"
New bracelet, 7 9/16". It is a stone of creativity, individuality and courage. It protects one from negative emotions, gives energy and a sense of humor. An excellent career stone.


CITRINE: "Success stone"
New bracelet, 7 7/8". Birthstone: November/Scorpio. Promotes prosperity and abundance, brings happiness, cheer and good fortune, eliminates negative energy thus promotes stability and general protection.

EMERALD: "Stone of successful love"
The traditional birthstone of May, and also for the astrological signs of Cancer, Taurus, Gemini and Virgo. In the Christian faith the Emerald is said to be the symbol of faith and hope. Some other keywords are love, sensitivity, loyalty and harmony. The color green symbolizes growth, abundance, prosperity, balance and harmony.

FLUORITE: "Stone of discernment"
This stone comes in multi-colors of lavenders and greens. It protects against negativity. It said to enhance intuition, creativity, concentration and one's sense of order. Astrological signs: Capricorn and Pisces.

GARNET: "Stone of love and devotion"
Stone of Aries, Virgo, Capricorn, Leo and Aquarius (normally considered a January birthstone). This stone brings out your best qualities and attracts likeminded people, both physically and emotionally. Stone of passion and courage. Good stone for career & success. It is considered a lucky stone.

JADE: "Stone of longevity, good luck and prosperity"
Stone of Gemini, Aries, Libra & Taurus. This gemstone is the ultimate symbol of calm and serenity. A stone of balance and healing.


JASPER: "The supreme nurturer"
Considered a power stone. Thought to provide energy and protection, and to encourage personal independence.


LAPIS LAZULI: "Stone of friendship and truth"
Reputed to bring about courage and mental clarity. Thought to boost the immune system and promote healing after surgery.


MALACHITE: "Abundance stone"
New Bracelet, 7 1/2". Malachite assists in being comfortable in changing situations, creates calmness and peace, brings harmony, gives knowledge and patience and leads to desired goals. It represents fidelity in love and friendship.


RHODONITE: "Stone of patience and love"
This is a stone of grace and elegance. It decreases anxiety while increasing attention to detail. It helps one to achieve their greatest potential. It is a calming stone and promotes balance.  The color pink relates to love, while the color black has a grounding effect.


ROSE QUARTZ: "Stone of universal love"
Thought to balance the emotions, relax the body, and enhance one's sensitivity to beauty, art and music. Believed to calm resentment and increase confidence.

ROSE QUARTZ: "Stone of universal love"
AMETHYST: "Stone of protection and spirituality"
Adding Amethyst to Rose Quartz is said to balance the emotions, calm the heart, and foster spiritual awareness, contentment, stability, and serenity.

SMOKEY QUARTZ: "Stone of cooperation"
Believed to be a good luck stone that also instills balance and harmony while lifting depression.
Thought to promote joy in living as well as creativity in business.


SODALITE: "Stone of insight and inspiration"
Thought to foster knowledge, learning, consciousness, communication and wisdom. Believed to unite the logical with the spiritual.


TIGER EYE: "Stone of self-discipline"
Believed to promote balance and strength to get a person through a difficult phase of life. Thought to relieve doubt and help decision making, and to help bring clam and serenity.


TURQUOISE: "Stone of self-realization"
Astrological sign is Sagittarius. Helps you to better understand yourself, your ideas and emotions. It enhances communication skills and analytical thinking. An excellent grounding and healing stone.


UNAKITE: "A balancing stone"
Believed to unify and balance a person's emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects. Thought to be an excellent stone for those seeking a well-rounded existence.