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Bolton Congregational
    Church UCC
228 Bolton Center Road
Bolton, CT  06043

Remembrance Garden

Our Remembrance Garden is a holy place to honor and remember cherished people we love, special events that have brought us joy along our earthly pilgrimage and relationships that have inspired our spirits. May you find peace and refreshment as you pass through here or stop to sit awhile. And may the flowers and memories planted side by side in this garden both grow more beautiful and more abundant with each passing day.

The Remembrance Garden at Bolton Congregational Church consists of bricked walkways, benches, a fountain and a birdbath. In addition, there is a place in the garden for people’s ashes to be spread as a symbol of their spirit being one with the church.

There are three ways to participate in the development of this beautiful garden:

  • You can purchase an inscribed Paving Brick for $100

  • You can purchase an inscribed Plaque for $300

  • You can make a donation of any amount directly to the Remembrance Garden to be used for stonewall work, landscaping, and plants.

If you would like to contribute, please:

  1. Print this page

  2. Fill out the form below

  3. Make your check payable to "BCC Remembrance Garden"

  4. Send the form and your check to Bolton Congregational Church, 228 Bolton Center Road, Bolton, CT 06043


"Remembrance Garden" Order Form

Name: _______________________________________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip: ________________________________________________________________________

Home phone: ____________________________ Business phone: _______________________________

Email (please print clearly): _______________________________________________________________

The grid below is your form to tell us exactly how you want your plaque or paver to read. Each square represents a character. Be sure to note that each space and punctuation mark counts as a character, and you must leave a space between words. For example, the name "John Jones, Jr." would occupy 15 characters, including 2 spaces, 1 period, and 1 comma. Please fill out the form as your desire it to appear, using capital letters only. The inscription in each row will be centered when engraved.



Quantity: _____ pavers @ $100.00 each                 Total:  $____________























































Would you like your ashes on site? (circle one) 
    Yes  /  No 

Quantity: _____ plaques @ $300.00 each                 Total:  $____________





















































        General donation towards
        Remembrance Garden:


                                                                                    Total:   $____________

        Thank you!