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Bolton Congregational
    Church UCC
228 Bolton Center Road
Bolton, CT  06043

Our Mission

The early church of the apostles had a central, all-encompassing mission: to continue the ministry of the One they had come to accept as the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ.  One of the apostles, Paul, wrote in I Corinthians 12 that Christians should begin to think of themselves collectively as “the Body of Christ” – the gathering of faithful and devoted followers who together now represented the physical presence of the now-resurrected, now-ascended Savior.  This image is a rich and inspiring one which helps to further elaborate our vision in more concrete ways:

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The Mission of the Bolton Congregational Church UCC

The mission of Bolton Congregational Church UCC is to reveal the living body of Christ in our world, today.  As we are fed by the uplifting power of God’s Spirit and by our compassionate support of one another, we become energized to share with others the abundance of love, the resources, and the happiness with which God has blessed us.  As members of this Body, we commit ourselves as Christ’s disciples to share our abundance in these ways:

  • Be the feet of Christ, walking the path of peace and righteousness and respect;

  • Be the heart of Christ, open to accepting all of God’s people without condition or judgment;

  • Be the voice of Christ, preaching the good news and inviting others to become part of our Church family;

  • Be the arms of Christ, reaching out to lift up those who have fallen;

  • Be the ears of Christ, listening for the Word of God speaking in fresh new ways in our world today;

  • Be the eyes of Christ, looking out to see where God is calling each of us to teach and serve.

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As the early church of the apostles sought to represent the presence of the risen Christ in the first century, so do we commit ourselves to being the Body of Christ in our community, state, nation and world as a new millennium opens up before us – now twenty centuries after Paul imagined the church in this way!