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Bolton Congregational
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Our Opportunities to Serve

We affirm that the Church of Jesus Christ exists first and foremost to serve. Jesus Christ did not come to earth to be served, but to reach out with the power of God’s love to a needy world. Because we claim in our mission statement "to reveal the living Body of Christ in our world today," it is absolutely necessary that we act as Christ would act: in service to others. We also celebrate the fact that our service to others is one of the primary ways that we share our faith with those that we hope to draw into the Body of Christ!

Some of the ways we seek to be the Body of Christ serving in our world today are:

Mission & Outreach -- Our Board of Missions offers dozens of opportunities to reach out to others with God’s love and kindness, as it seeks to be the feet of the Body of Christ that rush to the side of those in our world who yearn for greater peace, and righteousness and respect. These opportunities can involve hundreds of people in the course of a single year. From bringing food offerings to the Shepherd’s Place Kitchen…to providing overnight support to homeless guests at the Samaritan Shelter…to giving generously to special offerings for local, national and world emergency and disaster relief…to arranging for special assistance for families who face the challenges of poverty and unemployment – our Church members reach out on a weekly, and often daily, basis to brighten the lives of God’s beloved: the least, the last and the lost.

Worship -- The heart of the Body of Christ soars as Choir members, lay leaders, musicians, greeters, and many others serve by joining with the Deacons, Choir Directors and pastors to create a joyous, uplifting and inspirational atmosphere when we gather to give thanks and praise to our God. In this wonderful environment of worship, we not only seek to bless God, but also to find renewed strength and spiritual energy ourselves, and provide an inviting place for "seekers" and "inquirers" to connect with the living Spirit of Jesus Christ…on Sunday mornings, Thursday evenings, and other special occasions as well! Without judgment or condition, we welcome all to join us in praising and thanking the God who gives us life!

Christian Education -- The voice of the Body of Christ speaks, and eager ears listen, as the traditions and "good news" of our faith are passed along in the arena of Christian Education. It happens constantly – in the Sunday School, Adult Education classes, Bible Study, Confirmation and Communion Education. And it happens because many choose to serve as teachers, leaders, mentors and guides – making a decided difference in the lives of young and old as they seek to grow in Christian faith

Wider Church Relationships -- The arms of our "Body of Christ" reach out to join hands with many other churches and religious bodies locally, nationally and globally. This allows for almost countless opportunities for our members to serve as delegates or representatives to our denomination, the United Church of Christ; to our ecumenical and interfaith partners in the Manchester Area Conference of Churches (MACC) family; to the cooperative events sponsored by the four congregations in the Bolton Ecumenical Council; and to many other organizations we work with from time to time. United in these vital ministries, we go forth as one true Body of Christ to lift up those who have fallen.

Organizational -- As a church, we are much the same as many other groups that require some kind of "organization" in order to be effective. And so we have functioning boards and committees that oversee our resources: our buildings and property, our finances, our staff, our volunteer workers, and our organizational structure. The many who serve on our Church Council and other related Boards thus become the ears of the Body of Christ which do indeed seek to listen for God speaking in fresh, new ways that may inform us as to how our resources might be redesigned and reallocated in years to com

Evangelism & Membership -- After the Easter Resurrection, Jesus commanded the disciples to go out and preach the "good news". Good news is another way of saying the "gospel", which is closely related to the word "evangelism". This task of evangelism, or getting out the good news about Jesus Christ, is a calling we all share.

It echoes and resounds down through history as the central invitation to all who call themselves Christians. Whether each of us has another formal position in the church structure or not, then, we are all challenged by our Savior to spread the good news with friends and family, acquaintances and co-workers, neighbors and strangers. Yes, we are all the eyes of the Body of Christ that gaze out into our neighborhoods and communities to see where God calls us to teach…to serve…and to discover how best to take the gospel into all the world!